HeartX Overview

1 HeartX Vision

For a long time, the pricing power of artworks has been controlled by a few auction houses and institutions, meaning that if artists do not cooperate with the capital, they may never be known. At the same time, it also means that the public's aesthetic is kidnapped by the capital. We can only see the art works that the capital wants us to see, as lambs to the slaughter.

As an artist, if you want to seize a bigger market, you should care about Web3. If you want to get your artwork fairly evaluated and collect royalties through secondary transactions continuously, you should choose HeartX.

As an art lover, if you want to collect the most trendy artworks, you should know about NFT. If you want to be seen by the world, the HeartX community can be your gateway to the art world.

2 HeartX Ecosystem

HeartX, a global artwork community and marketplace driven by community consensus for artists, collectors & art lovers, in the spirit of fostering emerging artists, redefines the value of art with concepts & technologies and intends to bring investment value to art creators and lovers worldwide.

2.1 HeartX Token Incentive System

All users participating in the HeartX ecosystem will share the platform profit and create a Web3 art community together.

2.2 HeartX Vote System

Art lovers can freely express their likes and dislikes of artworks and select the most popular artworks through the consensus of the community.

2.3 HeartX Boost System

Art lovers can burn $HNX to boost their favorite artworks, which can help artworks hit the HeartX rankings and earn $HTX from the boost.

2.4 HeartX Trade System

Artists can easily publish their works of art on the chain in the form of NFT, and collect royalties through secondary transactions continuously.

Note: HeartX is currently under Close Beta Open Beta Phase, so the contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.

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