Airdrop - Season I (Airdrop Game)

1 Airdrop Period

April 6th - April 12th

2 Entries: Voting Rewards

  1. Each day you will be presented with 12 artworks from which you can vote for the works you prefer.

  2. You will be given 3 "Like" votes per day and when you finish voting for the 12 artworks, you will receive 50 $HNX rewards.

  3. The voting reward can be earned once per day per wallet address.

3 Ranking Rewards

  1. During the campaign, we will publish the voting rankings every day of the 12 artworks on the previous day.

  2. If you voted "Like" for the Top 1 artwork on the previous day, you can share the 500,000 $HNX with all the winners who voted for the Top 1 artwork on that day.

  3. By completing sharing tasks, you will gain more "Like" votes to increase your chance of voting for the daily Top 1 work.

  4. 1 extra "Like" vote for every task completed. Up to 2 extra votes can be won per wallet address per day. Task 1:Share HeartX Info Task 2:Share Artworks

4 HeartX Invitation Code

  1. Each wallet address will receive the following points for voting "Like" for the daily Top 3 artworks. ·3000 points for voting for the Top 1 ·2000 points for voting for the Top

  2. 1000 points for voting for the Top 3 2. At the end of the event, we will calculate and rank the total points of every wallet.

  3. The top 5000 players in the points ranking will receive the HeartX invitation code and have the right to participate in the app's beta testing.

  4. In case of tie in points, all these winners will receive the reward.

  5. Each wallet address corresponds to one HeartX invitation code.

5 HeartX OG Connoisseur

  1. All winners on the Points Ranking Top 10 List will get HeartX OG Connoisseur roles in Discord.

  2. If there are multiple winners with the same points among the Top 10 list, all connoisseurs will get rewards!


  1. Sybil attacks will not be tolerated.

  2. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the HeartX team.

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