Vote2Earn V2.0 - ($HNX)

What's New?

New Earning Mechanism

Vote System determines whether the latest voting user is eligible for the Vote Bonus based on the vote result from the previous 10 users.

* Users can immediately see which of their votes have reached consensus with the community users, and roughly calculate the amount of $HNX they can earn.

Early Bird Reward

* To incentivize early participants, the first 10 users that vote for each artwork will be directly eligible for the Vote Bonus.

1 V2.0 Test Period

May 1st. - TBD.

2 Vote2Earn Reward Pool


Basic Pool P(b)

1,000,000 $HNX

Art Pool P(a)

Amount of art works in HeartX Vote System x 500 $HNX

Energy Pool P(e)

(Total Vote Energy ^ 0.5) x 2,000 $HNX

  • Energy(i): HeartX Energy of one user

  • V(i): Total votes of one user

3 Basic Vote Reward

In HeartX Vote System, users will get $HNX as rewards from the Basic Pool - P(b) for their voting behavior.

3.1 BasicScore(u) - User's weight of Basic Pool

BasicScore(u) = V(i) x E(i)

  • V(i): Total votes of the user one day

  • E(i): HeartX Energy of the user

3.2 BasicVoteReward(u) - Basic Vote Reward that users can get every day

4 Vote Bonus

In HeartX Vote System, to encourage users to carefully view artworks before voting, users whose vote reach the community consensus will get $HNX as rewards from the Bonus Pool - P(bonus)

P(bonus) = P(a) + P(e)

4.1 How to define the COMMUNITY CONSENSUS?

In HeartX Vote System, every user has a consensus baseline. The baseline (u) represents the minimum rate to reach the COMMUNITY CONSENSUS that users vote for an NFT in the same way on the same day.

Baseline(i) = (100 - C(i) · 50%) / 100 x 100%

  • C(i): Credit Score of the user

* Examples

2023/01/01 19:30:30,

previous 10 votes from users of an NFT :

  1. 4 of which were 'Swipe Right - like it'

  2. 6 of which were 'Swipe Left - dislike it'.

Following table outlines who can get rewards from the Bonus Pool for the next vote.

UserVoteC(i)Baseline(i)Get Bonus?


Swipe Right (Like)





Swipe Left (Dislike)





Swipe Left (Dislike)



Y, S(i) + 1

4.2 BonusScore(u) - User's weight of Bouns Pool

BonusScore(u) = E(i) · S(i)

  • E(i): HeartX Energy of the user

  • S(i): Total votes of the user that reach the community consensus one day

4.3 VoteBonus(u) - Vote Bonus that users can get every day

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