HeartX Collection

1 HeartX Collection

HeartX has opened the artist certification application portal. Any artist certified by the HeartX community can mint NFT in HeartX Collection.

NFTs in the collection will be automatically thrown into the HeartX voting system.

After the business matures, the certification of artists will be 100% decided by community users.

2 How to mint NFT in the HeartX Collection

2.1 HeartX Tix

Artists need to pay $HNX for the HeartX Ticket before minting their NFTs. (No GAS Required)

The price of HeartX Tickets will be adjusted according to the HeartX Balance Coefficient (K)

HeartX Tix Price = K · 15000 $HNX

* HeartX Balance Coefficient (K)

HeartX Balance Coefficient is used to regulate the ecological balance of the HeartX voting system, as shown in the following table.

* View(i) = Votes(14days) / 14 / S(p)

  • Votes(14 days): Total votes in 14 days

  • S(p): The amount of artworks in Vote System

2.2 Elimination mechanism

To ensure that excellent art works can be throw in the voting system continously.

HeartX Rate of art works lower than the baseline determined by community voting will be temporarily removed from the voting system.

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